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We are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, traders, manufacturer & suppliers of Paper shredder machines, Cash Counting Machine, Roll To Roll Lamination Machine, RO Water Purifier, Wiro Binding Machine, Air Purifier etc.

Further information:  NAMIBIND AUTOMATION ., established in 1990,  are an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and exporter of industrial Machines like Paper Shredder Machine, Lamination Machines, RO Water Purifier, and other spare parts. NAMIBIND products are delivered to customers worldwide, especially in the Middle East India and overseas area. For more detailed products scope, we invite you to visit our website a

Here are the following products that are exported from by Namibind

RO Water Purifier

Ro Water Prifier Export

Water purifiers have turned into a basic necessity for the general population of the ebb and flow world. It is the main simple source that can bear the cost of unadulterated water at whatever point required. There are diverse sorts of water filtration procedures, for example, Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration (RO), Ultra Filtration (UF) and Ultra Violet purification (UV). While the greater part of us are given a decent introduction at the season of establishment of such gadgets, it is constantly astute to know how these frameworks work.

Paper Shredder Products

The term ‘Paper Shredder’ here includes Office paper Shredder, Industrial Shredder and similar materials. India consumes around 20 per cent of the global Shredder production and 75 per cent of that amount goes into Trading Shredder. The Industrial Based sector is also supported by banks and government policies so that the industry does not fall drastically. Around 30 per cent of Indian Shredder gets exported to the various countries.

Air Purifier Products

Air Purifier

An air purifier is an item that cleans and frees the quality of contaminants. Some claim evacuation of up to 99.9% of particles in the quality of a home or business. They are normally showcased for being valuable to sufferers of asthma and sensitivities. Having the capacity to lessen and even dispose of second-hand smoke is another appealing component for some clients.

Business review purifiers are made as either little units that remain solitary or bigger units that can be connected to an AHU (air handler unit) or a HVAC unit that can be found in modern, medicinal and business ventures.

Cash Counting Machine Products

Cash Counting Machine Export

Banknote tallying machine is to a great degree simple to utilize. Regardless of whether you are utilizing a propelled banknote tallying machine or an essential banknote checking machine the client requires no earlier specialized information. Directions and rules are in the client manual gave.

Regularly the client puts the banknotes on the banknote tallying machine container (at the highest point of the machine). The banknote tallying machine will begin checking consequently or the restart catch should be squeezed. The tallying result will be shown on the screen. Capacities, for example, cluster tallying and so on can be effortlessly inputted by means of the control board.

Fake Note Detector Products

Fake Note Detector Export

A fake cash detector utilizes one or many fake identifications to confirm a banknotes security highlights. A fake discovery is an element that confirms whether a banknote has or lacks a particular security highlight. For instance UV marks are imprinted on banknotes. UV fake location is the component that confirms regardless of whether the UV marks are available on the banknote. On the off chance that they are absent, the banknote is fake. A case of a fake cash finder that utilizations UV fake recognition is an UV monetary certificate checker, for example, the D5, D10, D20 or D30.

Coin Counter Products

Coin Counter and Counter Export

A coin checking machine is utilized by a wide range of business today. The Count Money scope of Coin Counters and Sorters will isolate singular coins as they are checked. This implies each kind of coin whether a penny, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, can be precisely checked. A coin tallying machine for singular utilize isolates coins independently by sort into chambers so they would then be able to be moved into singular bank sacks prepared for storing.

Thermal Binding Machine


Thermal Binding Machines tie pages straight forwardly to the spine of warm covers in a desktop rendition of “idealize official”. The spreads’ spine is warmed with the goal that glue on the spine turns out to be sufficiently thin to somewhat wick into the pages. Whenever cool, the paste turns out to be a piece of the page, guaranteeing a solid bond. There’s no gap punching, or trouble arranging loops or brushes. Most warming circumstances are 45 to 120 seconds. Machines can do a few workmanship once.

Spiral Binding Machine

Spiral Binding Machine Export

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Comb Binding Machine Products

Comb Binding Machines

Comb Binding Machines Comb restricting is a straightforward, modest and viable strategy for book authoritative. Brush restricting machines require little setup and can be utilized by nearly anybody.
Comb restricting supplies are produced using plastic. They generally comprise of 19 add up to circles that connect to the 11-inch side of paper. The provisions are accessible in a wide choice of hues and distances across. The individuals who are restricting books littler than 11-inches can without much of a stretch cut off overabundance length with a couple of scissors.

Velo Binding Machine Products

Velo Binding Machine Export

A Velobind Machine will give your chronicle a new, secure strip tie. The Velobind machine will punch your sheets and the VeloBind hot cutting edge steadfastly shears and jolts your pages together with the Velobind strip. It’s practically hard to tear isolated a Velobind bound file, yet they can be changed. The VeloBind machines can warm the strips, making them adequately adaptable to change your record. The strips for Velobind come in measure enlargements of 1, 2 and 3 inches.

Lamination Machine Products

Lamination Machine Export

Laminating (found here) comprise of a hard plastic external shell with a gentler plastic coating. The covering, which generally makes up about portion of the pockets thickness, gets delicate and condenses with warm. It is fundamentally the same as in cosmetics to a craft glue stick. As this paste mellows, it adheres to the protest that has been put inside the pocket. When warm is evacuated, the paste cools and hardens. The cooled stick is clear and straightforward.

Paper Cutter Products

Paper Cutter Machine Export

With the aptitude of our gifted specialists, we can offer an extensive variety of Paper Cutter Machine that is accessible in standard sizes. These are ergonomically planned according to the most recent industry necessities and are acknowledged for its smooth working, low clamor operation and low upkeep.

Industrial Paper Shredder

Industrial Paper Shredder Export

We are producer and provider of Industrial Shredder Machine, which is anything but difficult to utilize and is very adaptable. Our accomplished individuals from our master group outline these machines with the utilization of most recent and propel innovation accessible in the market.